We designed our services to help you complete a manuscript in one year, even though you are a super busy professional with a to-do list a mile long.

Here’s how:

  • Schedule a FREE 20 minute discovery chat to find out if our solutions match your problems.
  • Sign up for a couple of hours of 1:1 mentoring to jump start your book project and commit to weekly writing goals.
  • Attend Creativity Camp (offered three times per year), where you will get a few thousand words on the page along with a ton of inspiration and comradery.  Every attendee gets a free month of Book & Bone Club!
  • Show up for our weekly writing group, Book & Bone Club, to stay accountable and keep your momentum rolling.
  • Check in daily with our Facebook Group to share your work, get advice, input, and inspiration.
  • Sign up for our newsletter, Creative Sparks, for insights and tips to keep you on task.
  • Attend Creativity Camp again to continue your WIP.
  • Schedule some 1:1 mentoring time to help you through the rough spots, get feedback on your story, and to keep you accountable.

If you do all those things, meeting your writing milestones along the way, you’ll be amazed at the end of a year!

Creativity Anywhere: Web-Based Adventures for Professional Women

Hey, we get it. You can barely carve out an hour to write and need help staying inspired and creative, but you don’t have time to attend writing workshops, get high-level coaching, or subscribe to a dozen writing journals. No worries! We’ve done all the homework (and spent the time and money) for you, learning everything we can from a broad cross-section of sources. You receive the Executive Summary of all that information, distilled down and specifically geared to your writing challenges.

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1:1 Mentoring: Your Personal Camp Guides

Sometimes, you need some individual input to help you meet your writing goals and overcome obstacles. We won’t tell you what to write, but we will be your cheerleader, task-master, and idea-bouncer while giving you constructive feedback and resources to help you hone your skills. More about our skills and background here.

Work with us in short sprints of an hour (or more) at a time for just $98 / hour. You won’t believe how much we can get done in just an hour! Schedule now!

Focus & Finish
Need more accountability, guidance, and brainstorming? Work with us on your schedule, unlimited 20-minute sessions over a 12 week period for just $749. This could be exactly what you need to get a running start on your book or bring it to the finish line. Schedule now!

Creativity Camp: Intimate Retreats for Women Writers

Twice a year (spring and fall), we retreat to a secluded location in a natural setting for four days of inspiration, creative nurturing, quiet mindfulness, and tons of writing.

In the summer, we offer Creativity Staycation Camp, a web-based mini retreat based on the curriculum of our live Creativity Camps.

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