Creativity Camp (and beyond)

Exclusively for Professional Women

As attorneys and business owners ourselves, we know it’s damned hard to break away for a few days off. And you just never have time for writing. Now you can do both – nourish your soul, rest your body, feed your mind, and nurture your Creative Spark – all in beautiful, sacred, natural spaces designed for renewal.

We developed the retreat WE want to attend and hope it resonates with you, too. This retreat is for professional women only, because we know how hard it can be to open up in a group of strangers that don't fully understand the challenges we face. We have our own jargon and worries, our own joys and frustrations, and things are just easier when we can settle in with others who are on the same path.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Professional women who want to write something other than another boring report.
  • Would-be authors in any genre. This is not a genre-specific workshop - it's for ALL people who want to get creative and write!
  • Adventurous spirits who want to try something new, in a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Women who have never tried creative writing, those who are in-progress writers who want a fresh start on their project, and even published authors who want time and space to dedicate to their work.

Who Should Not Attend!

  • Non-professionals (that's a different camp!)
  • Attorneys who are happy with their writing the way it is ... sorry, this is a creative writing retreat.
  • Risk-averse people who are more comfortable writing from home. Hint: we have a web-based program for that coming soon!


What You Get at Creativity Camp

  • 4 days, 3 nights in a rustic, natural setting –it’s like summer camp! We go north in the summer and south in the winter, so we always have the perfect climate for outdoor activities.
  • Morning rituals to center and ground your body and awaken your senses.
  • Creativity exercises to push your walls down and allow the words to flow. We have years of experience and training in this skillset!
  • Daily focused writing time and free time. You’ll work hard and play hard!
  • Storytelling and campfire tales, because who doesn’t like a ghost story?
  • Outdoor activities, like nature walks, to keep your senses engaged.
  • Daily guided meditation to help you greet your muse and open the creative channels.
  • Nourishing food. Begin your day with a light breakfast, enjoy mid-morning coffee break, a hearty lunch, afternoon tea, cocktail hour, and a healthy dinner, followed by bedtime treats.
  • Restful quiet time, to wander, ponder, and (yes you are allowed) nap.
  • The freedom (and privacy) to share your work, feedback, and ideas.
  • Super talented colleagues who will support you, challenge you, and be your allies.
  • Post retreat support, via our FB group and subscription services.

Hey, that’s not all! Creativity Camp Swag:

  • Pre-Camp Meet & Greet Skype meeting (20 minutes)
  • In-Camp Private Coaching Meeting (20 minutes)
  • Creativity Camp Notebook and handouts
  • Writing Prompts e-book
  • Special offers and discounts on other services
  • 30 Day Membership in Book & Bone Club, our exclusive members-only online sustainable writing program

What’s it cost to nurture your creative spark and (finally) write your story?
Creativity Camp is $1,257 per person (all inclusive)
Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon, February 22 - 25, 2018
at El Rancho Robles in Oracle, Arizona

After four days with us at Creativity Camp, you will have …

  • A nourished Creative Spark that you can turn to as often as you want.
  • Confidence in your own unique abilities and your one-of-a-kind story.
  • Tried and true methods for writing your book TO THE END.
  • Your Creative Life Blueprint, a plan for incorporating writing into your everyday life!
  • A refreshed body, mind, and spirit.
  • A community of like-minded allies to encourage you along the way.
  • Empowerment to incorporate consistent creative writing into your everyday crazy busy life.
  • A book … or at least a detailed outline of your work in progress. Yep. You can do this.

Oh, yeah, I’m in!

  • Click here to APPLY NOW
  • Fill out the application and submit online
  • Schedule your Meet & Greet call to make sure this is the right thing for you.
  • Pay your deposit.
  • Receive your Welcome Packet and do your pre-retreat exercises.
  • Join our social media groups via email invitation.
  • Block off the calendar, pack your notebooks, and meet us at the Retreat!
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* The four-day Creativity Camp program may qualify for up to 20 hours of Continuing Legal Education for attorney wellness and mental health.